First Transradial Carotid Artery Stenting in Salem at Kauvery Hospital Prevents Major Stroke in a man aged 81

Agency News

Salem, 28th October 2023: Kauvery Hospital Salem, a unit of Kauvery Group of Hospitals – a leading multispeciality healthcare chain in Tamil Nadu – celebrates a milestone in healthcare: the successful performance of transradial carotid stenting to prevent a major stroke in a man aged 81. The octogenarian had presented with cerebrovascular accident / Stroke (An interruption in blood supply to the brain).

MRI scans revealed a severe 90% blockage in the left main carotid artery, which resulted in speech difficulties and hindered right limb movements. The medical team presented two treatment options: the traditional surgical approach of Carotid Endarterectomy, involving a neck incision, and the minimally invasive Carotid Artery Stenting.

The family chose the advanced minimally invasive technique, which involved performing the procedure through the Radial Artery, with a small incision made in the patient’s wrist. With aging, blood vessels tend to narrow, and sometimes they become coiled, obstructing blood flow. This makes it challenging for a catheter to pass through from the groin. To address this challenge, a catheter was threaded from the radial artery (wrist) through the Aorta, reaching the carotid artery, where narrowed carotid artery was revascularised through stenting. This innovative technique reduces anaesthesia risks associated with Carotid Endarterectomy, especially for elderly patients. Unlike the open procedure, where patients are given general anesthesia, this novel procedure was performed under local anaesthesia and careful monitoring by Anaesthesiologists. The patient remained awake and was closely monitored for vital signs and movements throughout the procedure.

“As we observe World Stroke Day, which falls on the 29th of October every year, it is crucial to emphasize the warning signs of this condition to save lives. It’s equally vital to adhere to the ‘golden hour,’ which is the first 4 1/2 hours, during which the right intervention can reverse a stroke and prevent debilitating effects such as paralysis or coma. Thanks to advancements in technology, it’s now possible to reverse strokes with better outcomes. In this case, a senior citizen’s life was saved from a major stroke attack through timely and precise intervention. I congratulate Dr Arun Palani, Dr P Santhosh Kumar and the entire team for choosing the latest techniques to preserve this patient’s life,” says Mr Selvam V, Facility Director, Kauvery Hospital Salem.