NG & Associates Announces Specialized Attorney Services for Shipping Law in India


NG & Associates, a law firm renowned for its expertise in maritime and transportation law, today unveiled its specialized attorney services for shipping law in India. This new initiative is tailored to address the legal complexities faced by businesses and individuals in the maritime industry.

With the growth of maritime trade and the importance of shipping in India’s economy, NG & Associates recognizes the need for specialized legal services in this area. The firm offers a range of legal solutions, including assistance with shipping contracts, maritime dispute resolution, regulatory compliance, and navigation of international maritime laws.

“We are excited to expand our legal expertise into the area of shipping law,” states Neha Gupta, [Position], at NG & Associates. “Our dedicated team of legal professionals is committed to providing comprehensive and strategic legal guidance to our clients in the maritime sector.”

About NG & Associates

NG & Associates is distinguished by its extensive experience in various legal domains, particularly in the fields of maritime and transportation law. The firm’s foray into shipping law reflects its commitment to staying abreast of industry trends and addressing the evolving legal needs of the maritime sector. With a team of seasoned attorneys, NG & Associates is equipped to offer robust legal support and advice, ensuring clients navigate the complex waters of shipping law successfully.

Media Contact:
Neha Gupta
NG & Associates
Email: [email protected]

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