Public vs. Private School : What are the Advantages?


Public schools are a great option for parents who want a certain level of education for their child. Private schools, on the other hand, tend to cost significantly more and have stricter admissions policies. This article discusses how public and private school both have their benefits and drawbacks, but ultimately it describes how one cannot compare the two without taking into account the school’s context.

Public School vs. Private School
Public schools and private schools each have their benefits and disadvantages. Public schools could be considered a low-cost option since they are free, while private schools could be expensive or require that parents pay for transportation. However, public schools might not offer the resources that students need because many children put in extra time outside of school, such as volunteering at a local homeless shelter.

Pros and Cons of Public Schools
Public schools provide a place for all students to receive an education, regardless of the child’s socioeconomic status. This is because it operates on a per-capita basis and can admit large numbers of students. Private schools usually only accept children who have the means to pay tuition and typically do not provide any financial aid or scholarship opportunities.

Pros and Cons of Private Schools
Private schools are very expensive and should only be pursued if the parents can afford it. Private schools do not offer financial aid like public schools do, so students will have to pay for the entire cost of tuition without help from their parents.

How to Find the Best Private School for Your Child
When people talk about private schools, they typically think about wealthy or elite institutions like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. But these days, the best private schools are those that excel at preparing their students for college and career. Private school administration is more knowledgeable on how to prepare the students for the real world and offer them more support and resources than public schools can provide.

Private schools are more expensive, but they give you the option to tailor your education to your needs. Public schools can be restrictive because of standardized curriculum, deadlines, and other rules. Private schools may not be able to help every student with their learning needs. But for those who can afford it- it is worth the extra money!