Irfan Saiyed- Gujarati Tech Influencer receives an invitation from Google Office

Agency News

Irfan Saiyed, a popular Gujarat-based tech influencer who runs the YouTube channel @iTECHirfan, was recently given the opportunity to visit the Google Office in Mumbai on April 12, 2023. He has been a widely-recognized gujarati social media sensation in the tech content creation industry. Google invited him to learn more about YouTube and how to use Google products more effectively. During his visit, he gained some beneficial insights and information that he wanted to share with his audience. The advancement could be seen in his new upcoming content. He also learned how things work & function at Youtube & what could help him grow on this platform.


Irfan Saiyed’s YouTube channel has a large following and is known for its informative tech videos. He offers his viewers a straightforward and dependable approach to understanding the technology, avoiding unnecessary hype or glitzy gimmicks. He breaks down complicated concepts in easy to comprehend manner with a completely honest approach. He believes that this is the best way to foster trust and a sense of community among his followers. In this rapidly growing social media-driven market, authenticity has been taking the stage. Audiences prefer integrity in their content in this era over click-baits & frauds. Reliability has become the inevitable benchmark lately.


Reflecting on his experience at the visit to Google Office in Mumbai, Irfan Saiyed expressed deep gratitude for the opportunity, which allowed him to broaden his scope of knowledge and gain insights from industry experts into the tools and technology that can help with improving his content creation. He was impressed by the creative & resourceful approach of the Google and YouTube workforce teams. The experience has indeed expanded his horizons. Tech influencers are rapidly becoming the booming ubiquitous face of social media.