Top 5 Influential Personalities of 2023.

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  1. Teja Bodepudi – Founder Rapport Shoes & Director Profit Shoes 

In the dynamic landscape of the footwear industry, Teja Bodepudi emerges as a mastermind and trailblazer, spearheading the success of two iconic shoe brands – Tanners and Rapport Shoes. As the director of Profit Shoes, he carries forward a rich family legacy in business, showcasing unparalleled expertise and dedication.

Entrepreneurial Legacy

Teja Bodepudi, a name synonymous with innovation and success, has etched his mark in the business world. Hailing from a family with a profound legacy in entrepreneurship, Teja has not only upheld the family name but has propelled it to new heights. His entrepreneurial journey is a testament to his strategic vision and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Brand Contributions and Innovations

Under the visionary leadership of Teja Bodepudi, Rapport Shoes & Accessories has become a beacon of quality and innovation. The brand’s commitment to excellence is evident in pioneering services like Gait Analysis, Shoe Laundry, and Shoe Customization, which have not only set industry benchmarks but also redefined customer expectations.

Unparalleled Customer Connections

What sets Teja Bodepudi apart is his unique ability to establish deep connections with customers. Going beyond the conventional, he ensures that Rapport Shoes & Accessories and Profit Shoes meet the distinctive needs of each customer. The emphasis on exceeding expectations has resulted in a loyal customer base that trusts the brands implicitly.

Driving Force Behind Rapport Shoes & Accessories and Profit Shoes

Teja Bodepudi’s passion for delivering top-quality footwear and accessories resonates in his role as the driving force behind Rapport Shoes & Accessories and Profit Shoes. With ambitious plans to open five premium Rapport Shoes stores in South Indian cities, coupled with the launch of an exclusive online platform for innovative footwear solutions, Teja is committed to making high-quality footwear accessible to everyone.

Vision for Expansion

The strategic vision of Teja Bodepudi extends beyond the present success of Rapport Shoes & Accessories. His plans for expansion include opening five premium stores in key cities across South India. This expansion not only reflects confidence in the brand but also aims to cater to a broader audience, ensuring that the excellence synonymous with Rapport Shoes reaches every corner.

Nurturing Talent and Fostering Growth

Teja Bodepudi, drawing from his extensive experience in the footwear industry, recognizes the importance of nurturing talent. His commitment to fostering economic growth is not limited to business expansion but extends to the individuals who contribute to the success of Rapport Shoes & Accessories and Profit Shoes. By investing in talent, Teja ensures a sustainable and thriving future for the industry.

 Social Welfare Commitments

Beyond the boardroom, Teja Bodepudi dedicates a significant portion of his time to social welfare activities. As an integral member of the “Young India group,” he actively contributes to providing support for underprivileged children. His commitment to making a positive impact on society underscores the values that drive Rapport Shoes & Accessories and Profit Shoes.


In the ever-evolving landscape of the footwear industry, Teja Bodepudi stands as a beacon of innovation, commitment, and excellence. His entrepreneurial journey, marked by the success of Rapport Shoes & Accessories and Profit Shoes, is a testament to his visionary leadership and unwavering dedication. As the brands continue to thrive, Teja’s commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and societal well-being positions him as a true trailblazer in the world of business.

   2.Titles– TRUPUREE ™️: A Symphony of Flavors, A Commitment to Quality


In the realm of fruit puree and concentrates, Ramesh Foods emerges as a beacon of quality, innovation, and customer-centricity. This Indian manufacturer and supplier have embarked on a journey to expand their presence across all metropolitan cities in the country, driven by a vision to tap into international markets where the demand for premium fruit products is soaring.

Diverse Offerings and Specializations

Ramesh Foods stands out among its peers due to a focused customer approach and a commitment to delivering customized offerings in the industry. Their reputation as one of the best fruit puree manufacturers is well-earned, thanks to their dedication to crafting high-quality products that resonate with customers worldwide.

The spectrum of fruits under their expert processing includes Guava, Mango, Jackfruit, Pineapple, and Strawberry. Notably, their foray into Pink Guava Puree manufacturing in 2021, under the brand Truguava™️, marked a strategic move towards diversification. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, they are now expanding their product range, aspiring to lead the pack among Fruit Puree Manufacturers in India under the banner of TRUPUREE ™️.

Mission and Vision: Symbiosis with Farmers and Consumer Health

At the core of Ramesh Foods’ ethos lies a dual commitment encapsulated in their mission and vision. With a mission to support farmers, the company envisions promoting consumer health through the development and delivery of high-quality, natural, safe, and chemical-free food ingredients.

An integral part of their strategy involves not only producing fruits and ingredients in their own farms but also fostering collaborations with natural farmers across India. This dual-pronged approach ensures a robust supply chain that aligns with their vision of providing consumers with the finest, unadulterated food options.

Quality Pledge: Building Long-Term Relationships

Ramesh Foods has set a benchmark for itself – to be the best in the realm of food production and distribution. The key to their success lies in their unwavering commitment to maintaining long-term relationships. This commitment extends beyond the transactional aspects of business, encompassing the trifecta of product quality, customer support, and advisory services.

In the pursuit of excellence, the company envisions running its organization in a sustainable, growth-oriented, and high-quality manner. This commitment to sustainability is not merely a business strategy but an integral part of their DNA, ensuring that every product that reaches the consumer is a testament to their dedication to quality.

The Truguava™️ Promise: A Culmination of Excellence

Truguava™️, the flagship brand of Ramesh Foods, encapsulates the essence of their commitment to excellence. Beyond being a mere product, Truguava™️ is a promise – a promise to deliver unparalleled quality, authenticity, and flavor in every drop of fruit puree and concentrate.

With a track record that boasts a successful initiation with Pink Guava Puree, the brand is set to redefine the landscape of fruit puree manufacturing in India. The expansion of their product range under TRUPUREE ™️ signifies not just a business strategy but a relentless pursuit of being at the forefront of innovation and consumer satisfaction.

Conclusion: A Journey Towards Culinary Excellence

In conclusion, Ramesh Foods emerges as a formidable player in the competitive landscape of fruit puree and concentrate manufacturing. Their strategic vision, commitment to quality, and emphasis on sustainable practices position them as leaders poised for international acclaim.

As they continue to weave their success story, the Truguava™️ brand stands as a testament to their dedication to elevating the culinary experience. Ramesh Foods, through its unwavering commitment to farmers, consumers, and quality, is not just a manufacturer; it’s a curator of culinary excellence

  3.Titles — Saturn Consulting Group: A Beacon in NRI Financial Consulting

It has helped more than 5000 NRIs in investing in the Indian Market. The HQ of the company is based   in New Delhi, India.The company has presence in the United Kingdom and UAE as well.

The company was recently awarded as the most Credible Consulting firm for NRIs by the Indo-UK forum.

The founder and Managing Partner of the firm is Nishant Khemani. He is a Chartered Accountant by profession, and has studied in London School of Economics and Political science.

Previously, he was working with the consulting giant KPMG in their India office. He was in the International Tax and Regulatory Department.

At KPMG, he was awarded the emerging start award.

Saturn Consulting Group in a short span of time has mastered the NRI Regulatory and Tax domain.


We are an NRI First Fintech platform providing seamless investment & NRI taxation and documentation services to NRIs all over the world. Guiding NRIs through online facilities such as sign-up, KYC (Know Your Customer), investment, advisory services with registered partners etc. Saturn solves the financial needs of 30Mn+ NRIs on a single app. We have partnered with Indian banks, investment platforms and registered service vendors to provide one stop platform for NRIs.


A celebrated startup launched by ex-entrepreneurs, ex-NRI Bankers and backed by VCs. Saturn aims at building a banking & investment marketplace for NRIs to ensure complete transparency.


We are transcending the entire NRI Investment & Banking scenario to your mobile phone screens where you can address any query related to any financial service in India. We aim at making entire process transparent and seamless. Aimed specifically at NRIs, Saturn will be the one stop financial platform for NRIs.

  4.Rajasekhar Juturu: A Guide to Happiness in Every Aspect of Life

Meet Rajasekhar Juturu, an accomplished Happiness Coach with an MBA background, dedicated to guiding individuals towards lasting joy and well-being. In this article, we delve into his expertise, the journey that led him to this fulfilling profession, the challenges he faces, and the diverse topics he covers to help people master the art of happiness.

As a Happiness Coach, Rajasekhar covers a spectrum of topics, including understanding happiness, positive psychology, mindfulness, self-discovery, relationships, workplace happiness, stress management, emotional intelligence, gratitude, healthy habits, goal setting, personal empowerment, grit and resilience, happiness at every age, lifestyle design, hobbies, financial well-being, cultivating a positive mindset, and community and social connection.

His motivation stems from recognizing the impact to mindset and social connections on well-being. His goals include assisting clients in challenging negative thought patterns, developing positive mindsets, improving communication skills, resolving conflicts, and building positive relationships. Rajasekhar’s decision to become a Happiness Coach was fueled by his personal journey of self-discovery and overcoming challenges. Witnessing the transformative power of cultivating happiness, he felt inspired to share these strategies with others, helping them navigate life’s complexities.

From client resistance to managing expectations, Rajasekhar faces obstacles like balancing emotions, measuring success, addressing diverse client needs, and maintaining personal well-being. Despite limited resources, he remains committed to staying updated and navigating ethical challenges.

Rajasekhar’s achievements lie in his ability to assist clients in challenging negative thought patterns, improving communication skills, resolving conflicts, and building positive relationships. His dedication reflects in the success stories of those he has guided.

5. Sachin Tanwar: Bridging Gaps and Building Communities

Ch. Sachin Tanwar, a remarkable individual hailing from a distinguished family with a strong entrepreneurial background, has harnessed his passion for social work to make a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals. His altruistic efforts, combined with a deep sense of empathy and social justice, have led him to create a transformative path in the world of community service.

Coming from a privileged background, Sachin’s upbringing instilled in him a sense of responsibility to give back to society. His endeavors in the social sector have ranged from assisting the underprivileged to extending a helping hand to marginalized communities. The joy of witnessing a smile on someone’s face and receiving their blessings has been his motivation to continue these acts of kindness. His family’s unwavering support has further bolstered his commitment to his noble cause.

Sachin’s journey into social work was not solely driven by charity, but also by his strong sensitivity and empathy for minority groups, marginalized individuals, and victims of various adversities. He firmly believes in the power of social justice and strives to amplify the voices of those who may not have the means to advocate for themselves.

Sachin’s approach to social work is hands-on and grounded. He actively participates in ground-level activities, working closely with his team to understand the needs of the community. His familiarity with the organization and his connection with every individual involved reflect his dedication to ensuring impactful outcomes.

Under Sachin’s leadership, the Kartavya Foundation has undertaken a multitude of initiatives aimed at improving the lives of the underprivileged. These initiatives range from distributing food parcels to both humans and animals, promoting education by providing school supplies and free classes, facilitating employment opportunities, and organizing relief camps in slum areas that offer medical services and health checkups.

Sachin’s skillset, including effective communication, a polite demeanor, and his educational background in textile engineering, have proven to be valuable assets in his social work endeavors. His education has also enabled him to better understand the dynamics of society and engage with various communities effectively.

Transparency and trust-building are paramount in Sachin’s approach. Before embarking on community projects, his team engages in extensive discussions to ensure everyone is aligned with the mission. The foundation’s previous successful campaigns and works serve as testaments to their dedication, fostering trust within the community.

Sachin and his team faced a significant challenge when a flood struck a city or village, requiring urgent aid. Despite limited resources, they rallied together, demonstrating their resilience and determination. By sourcing funds and garnering support from volunteers and donors, they were able to provide essential items to those affected, showcasing the power of community-driven action.

In conclusion, the remarkable journey of Ch. Sachin Tanwar is a testament to the transformative impact of dedicated and empathetic social work. His passion, along with the support of his family, team members, and the community, has created a positive ripple effect in the lives of those who need it most. Through his tireless efforts, Sachin exemplifies the potential for individuals to uplift communities, foster change, and create a better, more inclusive society.